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First Movers Coalition engages Ai’s Dr. Hubert Danso on CleanTech Investing

Africa investor (Ai) today confirmed Dr. Hubert Danso, its CEO and Chairman, and the Chairman of the African Union’s Continental Business Network (CBN), the African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank (AfGIIB), and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) Africa Council, shared investor insights on the World Economic Forum’s First Movers Coalition (FMC) studio panel session […]
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Africa investor (Ai) Rallies Institutional Investors during IDA Africa Presidential Summit

Dr Hubert Danso, Africa investor CEO and Chairman, encourages long-term investors to harness the opportunities offered by Institutional Investor-Public Partnerships (IIPPs): The Framework for Strategic Investment Allocations to African Green Industrial Infrastructure as a Globally Competitive Investable Asset Class. As the International Development Association (IDA) African Heads of State Summit takes place in Nairobi today, […]
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Dr. Danso’s Investor Letter on Allocating to African Green Industrial Infrastructure as a Globally Competitive Investable Asset Class

Dear Esteemed Institutional Investment Partners, We stand at a historic crossroads where financial prosperity converges with environmental responsibility. As universal owners, our capital, portfolio companies, and market influence wield the power to redefine global industrial markets while fostering sustainable returns for future generations. With the advent of the African Union’s Nairobi Declaration (Africa’s Green Investment […]
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Investable Green Industrial Cities Standards previewed at COP28 Africa Investment Earthshot Summit

While Special Economic Zones (SEZs) are well-recognised place-based investment tools for economic development, there is an urgent need to evolve bankability models and practices in the direction of investable Green Industrial Cities (GICs). GICs are destinations that nurture productive, long-term growth and attract industrial capital at scale. However, they do much more. GIC’s represent a […]
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His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan highlights United Arab Emirates commitments to Africa at Conference of the Parties (COP28)

His Excellency Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, participated in the ‘Africa Investment Earthshot Leaders’ Summit’ at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), which is currently being held at Expo City Dubai. During a keynote speech, His Excellency highlighted the most prominent pledges […]
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InfraCorp teams up with AfGIIB, Solarge to construct solar manufacturing plant in Nigeria

3 December 2023: The Infrastructure Corporation of Nigeria (InfraCorp), a US$15 billion government-backed, privately managed infrastructure development, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank and Solarge International BV, a leading European manufacturer of lightweight solar panels, for establishing a solar panel manufacturing factory in Nigeria, contributing significantly to […]
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The COP28 African Investment Leaders Earthshot Summit showcases investments to support the Nairobi Declaration mobilize private capital at scale

With more than $100trn of domestic and global institutional assets represented at the Summit, influential public and private sector investment leaders gathered at the COP28 Africa Investment Earthshot Leaders’ Summit, in the first major international gathering of institutional investors following the Africa Climate Summit. The aim is to shape an African investment Earthshot Investment Allocation […]
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