How can Africa fund its $3trillion green transition

It’s estimated that Africa needs $3 trillion to transition to green energy – and that it needs to do it fast.
Surely that’s impossible? After all, multinational development banks – like the World Bank – which traditionally lead on this type of investment hold just $1.5 trillion dollars of investment potential.

But today’s guest on Africa Daily argues that it can be done, saying the continent’s natural capital – like wind, sun and hydro – could be worth $4.6 trillion by 2030.
Alan Kasujja speaks to Dr Hubert Danso, one of a group of financiers in Africa who, between them, control billions of dollars of investments across the continent.
“We should be asking ourselves how can we position Africa, with all of its natural and human resources, to be able to be a major manufacturing player which is one of the largest and greatest growth opportunities of our generation.”
Courtesy: BBC via Spotify


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